👋🏽 It's Shifra

I’m a 19 y/o taking a gap life year. I moved to Toronto from کراچی Pakistan when I was 12 years old.

Currently, I'm a research associate at Invest2Innovate, where we put out comprehensive data & briefings on Pakistan's startup ecosystem. I'm also building Faiza.Chat, a friendly Messenger chatbot that aims to make it easier to talk about Violence Against Women and get localized help for Domestic Violence.

Most recently, I was on a team building a maternal mortality public health intervention with the Jigawa State Governemnt in Nigeria. Prior to that, I was a Data Analyst at CIBC, one of Canada's largest banks, feature engineering on the Advanced Analytics team. I have also been the youngest intern at KPMG Canada, building an internal tool for the Cyber Risk team. I’ve also controlled a 3D-printed car with my brainwaves.

As a discalimer, I would like to point out that everything I mention on this website is because of people smarter than me taking a bet on me and catalyzing my growth. I have failed innumerably more times than I’ve done anything “cool” or “legit” annd will probabaly fail some more. Here's to loving myself and being grateful regardless :)